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New Flavor DROP: Moroccan Peaches Live Rosin

Time to get Peachy. Dive deep into the Moroccan jungle and discover a gaseous-peach, spewing noxious fumes with a sweet peach scent and finish. We've tried just about everyone's Moroccan Peaches and this is one of the loudest. We have limited supplies on this one, just like the Nam Wah and Grease Bucket, with only a few delightful grams left of each.

moroccan peaches live rosin thca dab
Moroccan Peaches HEAT! Just in...

The Moroccan Peaches Live Rosin is the 2023 Emerald Cup Winner, bringing gasses and roasting peaches with a sweet finish to terp craving palates everywhere. Light in color, huge in aroma, great tasting, with a punishing effect. If there's one thing to depend on, the Moroccan Peaches Live Rosin delivers heavy effects.

Moroccan Peaches Live Rosin Lineage:

  • Spanish Barbara X

  • Lemon Tree Skorange

More fire coming from those Skorange genes, with the addition of Lemon Tree and it's sweet-not-sour lemony profile. Lemon Tree has been a staple genetic and brand for quite a few years now, sharing those glorious lemonade terps with the rest of the gene pool. Lemon Tree has gone on to create a diverse array of cultivars for the Cookies brand. Initially a Cookies cultivar, Lemon Tree eventually became it's own brand led by it's amazing lemon crosses.

We saw some of the Skorange from @Punch_ Extracts last year, bringing a bit of orange to the flavor blend.

grease bucket cultivars
Sun Grown Living Soil Beds. You're Looking at Grease Bucket.

Grab up the last few of these, the last few Nam Wah and Grease Buckets as more heat is coming. Stay tuned as the season progresses our menu will continue to evolve and grow. We can't thank everyone enough for their early support. As I keep telling everyone, it will only get better from here.


We're all ears for suggestions as well. Drop any ideas, interests, or questions you may have in the comments below. We want you in on the making of this ordeal, and we're all ears to your ideas. Drop a comment below and make sure to sub-up for future notices. And grab a slice of Peach while you're at it.



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