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New Flavors, New Batches, Loyalty & it Just Keeps Getting Better and Better


What's good thca fam? We have several new flavors to introduce, a couple fresh batches, and some words for the people. The New Loyalty program is in effect and automated. You will be given the option to use your points for discounts and future rewards during checkout. Members receive one point for every dollar spent.

This will help save a few bucks here and there and unlock prizes and other rewards added going forward. Check it out on the Loyalty page or the My Rewards page for members. Now buckle up, it's rosin time...

Ducle De Papaya (Pheno #9)

Flawless, white, Tier 1 live rosin, the perfect combo of flavor, smell, look, and feel. The kind that is just so pleasing to the eyes you can't get enough of it. The kind that excites you and makes modern (thca) rosin pure pleasure when done right and the stars align.

In our dutiful task of growing, washing, and hunting solid phenos, we inevitably come across a few that really stand out like this one. Only through the dedicated task of running new genetics and trying new flavors do we uncover gems like this one. Check out this number 9 pheno as other Pheno's will come down the line soon enough.

Clearly an inheritor of the ultra loud and tropical Papaya, the less-common Dulce enters the picture to alter the whole complexity. The perfect wet and white consistency. Stays wet, gets jiggly at room temp, and keeps a shining coat of terpenes always on the surface.

Rainbow Beltz 3.0

Rainbow Beltz is here in full effect. Indulge in the sweet scent of skittles candy as you relive 2023's most hyped (deserved) number. A blatant and somewhat surprising likeness to a bag of skittles, her uplifting and rather social effects make her a good any-timer. A classically wet badder with a touch of color to it's complexity, just as all the good RBB's exhibit. 

She far surpassed our expectations becoming a really solid hit we can't help but to keep going back to for another. The "bag of Skittles smell" is undeniable. Anyone looking to truly understand the Z line of flavors and why they're so desired, but unable to detect it themselves, can be assured this one will make it all too clear to you. Fruity from the jump, mixed with gas, depth, and an effect that was missing from the original, makes this a real stand out in this latest round of batches.

Moroccan Peaches

Total Restock on a freshly washed batched of fresh frozen materials. An absolutely white rosin with house filling flavor and a wafting and traveling nose sure to please the neighbors. She went so fast we had to wash her up all over again. A fitting combo of roasted peaches and fruit flavor with the same sun-grown terroir sure to instill powerful results.

Moroccan Peaches product shot
Moroccan Peaches is Nearly Chalk White

C2Chem and Amarelo #9

Thanks to our latest helper and hand in the wash room, these two cuts finally exhibit themselves like they should. This round has taken these flavors to new heights, as shown in the multi-jar photos. Both hit where others miss, and more info on both along with new dab shots will be posted soon!

Product Photo of THCA Live Rosin Hemp for Sale
The Latest Spread... Get On It Early...

Brand Spanking new batches of Amarelo #11 and C2Chem are photographed in the larger photo above. These two require new dab shots still to show the actual product. All other product photos are accurate and taken using the exact same materials you will find in every jar. Everything else is as advertised, with every picture showing a dab from the latest round and jars.

We Aren't Here For the Hype

Celebrate! Just because... You guys rule. Thank you so much to all of our repeat buyers and constant customers grabbing up everything that's new and coming back for more. We cannot thank you enough. Truly.

This isn't a hype operation. This isn't a bunch of millionaires trying to be cool and get the youth vote. We are lifer's whose love of the plant lies in the sharing of the plant. Our love of the plant lies in making others happy, spreading the highest quality THCA Live Rosin in the country, and elevating consciousness in our "noble cause for the betterment of smokers nationwide."

We're Here For You!

Ralph Steadman Art
Ralph Steadman Rules. Ralph, Please Do Our Jars if You're Reading This "You Crazy Bastard"...

Strawberry Candy Redux

If anyone was keen to try the Strawberry Candy, it wasn't the greatest batch and was just a touch off. It was so close to being the next big thing, or one of them, but something about the melt didn't translate flavor as well as we would have intended. Anyways, if you really want it hit us up directly and shoot us a message... There may be a bit more.

a painting of the Great AMerican Wine Slob
Parlayed into "The Great American Hash Slob". Shades of Gray My Friends... Gluttony is a Sin.



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