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Updated: Jun 11


What's good thca fam? Hopefully everyone is safe and feeling generous in everything they do. We have several new flavors to introduce, a couple fresh batches, and some words for the people. Buckle up, it's writing time!


(Orange Zkittlez X Strawberry Guava)

Aside from the pearl white Moroccan Peaches we just got back in stock, the Strawberry Cooler is beginning to turn heads, especially once the genetic lineage is revealed. Taking advantage of some exclusive, award winning genetics, crossed together to find all new flavors for us and the fans.

Keying in on the Strawberry Guava, as the Guava's have certainly made their appearance known the last year or two, your taste buds could almost tell you the rest. Orange Zkittlez brings the undeniable "Z" nose to a jar that dances and prances from Orange Zkittlez and back to a field of fresh picked strawberries. What an incredible alternating aroma and palate of pleasure this one brings to the tableau.

Moroccan Peaches

An absolutely white rosin with house filling flavor and a wafting and traveling nose sure to please the neighbors. A fresh batch washed up and finished just yesterday, using the same frozen material as the batch before. She went so fast we had to wash her up all over again. Arriving in the washroom, we couldn't decide what was louder, the Peaches or the Strawberries. A fitting combo of funky fruit flavor with the same sun-grown terroir sure to instill powerful results.

Moroccan Peaches product shot
Moroccan Peaches is Nearly Chalk White

Unlike many indoor varieties that can often have unique, but faint flavor notes, the effect is often highly lacking. "We're Here For The Effect" by the way, and flavor is included. You don't have a solid Entourage Effect without flavor. It's never about one thing, it's always about the totality of the trichome gland.

Intro to Solventless Technologies

 It isn't easy to hit on every strain washed. Oftentimes something we think we will hit big just won't "hash". This is a term that is commonplace amongst the hash makers of the universe, as it requires a very specific cultivar to produce ice water hash and subsequent rosin. The first several years of the #SolventlessRevolution was a desperate hunt for strains yielding around three to four percent. That means we get about four or five percent of the cannabis material in usable rosin. Breeders are quite keyed in today, with dedicated strains developed for their specific ability to yield trichomes using only ice and water.

Just Say NO to BHO. Words on Chemical Solvent Extractions

This isn't BHO, wax, shatter, crumble, live or cured resin, (or distillates which while lacking all terpenes, are often safer and possibly more useful than the before mentioned solvent-based methods) all of which require harsh chemical solvents like butane, propane, hexane, and ethanol for the extraction process. These chemicals allow producers to ignore the plant's natural ability to develop and dump trichomes into ice water and instead rely on the chemical extraction processes themselves. Dissolving trichome glands to recover cannabinoids allows literally any grade or quality of cannabis scrap material to become the millions of products sold in retail stores nationwide. Think about food. Fast food. Moving right along....

Let's Celebrate!

Luckily for us, there are plenty of strains out there developed for hash, yet locating the one's with flavor is still an immense challenge. Sometimes the loudest flavors don't produce or equate to the same flavor in rosin as flower, so when we find fruity winners like our latest flavor and fresh batch of Moroccan Peaches, we celebrate!



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